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If you think the Bible is simply Jewish mythology, or a book just about the political and religious life of ancient people, you will need to intellectually move beyond those confining points of view to be open to the profound, and confounding, reality of our own energetic make-up. The Bible is a tapestry woven with three threads: literal, contextual, and esoteric. Organized religion tends to focus on the literal rendition of the biblical stories. Intellectuals and academia seem to focus on the historical/political/cultural context of the stories. Tempest in the Cloud focuses on the esoteric aspects of the Bible since it is the hidden knowledge of the scriptures that leads to the radical transformation of the soul. The Bible is a guide to the human body, as it is the human body that is the mechanism for resurrection. Resurrection (the second birth or ascension) that was available to Jesus and available to us all.

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The purpose of this book is threefold:

  1. To illustrate that God exists and can be personally, directly knowable.
  2. To uncover the hidden secrets within the Bible, secret and sacred wisdom that teaches the pathway to the knowable God which happens through deep meditation practices.
  3. To show the universality of the pathway to God among the world’s true religions.

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